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The Beauty in You

Alexis Lyles, Owner

Alexis Lyles has helped many women improve their relationship with themselves and their body. At Beauty in You Spa, she gets to focus on her mission daily. The inspiration for her journey of self-love and care hasn’t always been eating. Growing up, she struggled with maintaining healthy skin and a comfortable weight. 


Although she learned to accept her imperfections, she also knew she wanted to improve her skin by make healthier choices such as eating better, staying hydrated, and exercising more. Through just a few lifestyle changes, she not only improved her appearance but also her self-esteem.


After seeing the results, she chose to devote the rest of her her time to learning more about various body and skincare regimens. Her hobbies of making all-natural skincare products turned into a desire for a hands-on approach that would help her reach more women. In 2017, she pursued her passion for skincare and attended Esthetics School to become an Esthetician. Two years later, she uses her skills and license to help others, especially women, feel good about themselves. Compassion is the driving force behind her work.


Relax, unwind, and rejuvenate at The Beauty in You Spa where your personal journey of self-love is all that matters.

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